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On September 25, 2006, the third week of 10 years ago, the two sides met in the home of the Saint team. That game was the first time I returned to the home battle since the hurricane of Katrina, and the Saint team of Zhongzhi Chengcheng was overcome the Falcon. Saint Safe Swan STEVE GLEASON is also made in the first section of the game. It is also made into sculptures. This reborn sculptive that symbolizes New Orleans is unveiled before the Saint Squadron in 2012. Ten years has passed, this game has special significance for the two teams.

The eagle coach Kelly, the rules and the league disputePhiladelphion Eagle wanted to visit the Baltimore Grace of the Visiting Balli in the second round of the quarter, and the Eagle of the Eagle of the Eagle of the Eagle, the Sam Bradford, the Sam Bradford. When the offensive was defeated by the crow line, Terrell Suggs, followed by the referee to determine the fouls of Sags and penalized the number.

The giants will continue the training period next week, followed by a mandatory mini training camp from June 12 to 14. If Shu Mo’s view is accurate to Beckham’s injury, then we can expect him to be prepared in the mini training camp to participate in training.

Best Offensive Players in China: Nothing New Show close to Blake Jarwin. He completed 7 batches in 36-35 winning giants, advanced 119 yards, reached 3 times (these data were from the upper half). Among them, the number of ball pushes is a new high.

Best Defensive Players in China: Eagle Defense Diagonal Fletcher Cox. Cocks had a total of 4 擒 抱 抱 抱 抱 抱 抱 抱 抱 3 3 ​​擒 擒 擒 擒 擒 擒 擒 擒 擒 擒 擒 擒 擒 擒 擒Eagle 24-0 zero blush. This season Cox completed a total of 10.5 killing, which is a new record of his career.

Falcon won the battle, the Saint Returns swallowed three-game losing streakBeijing time on September 27th, on Tuesday morning 8:30, the third week of the cheap Nfl jerseys from china regular season will bring two sanctuary to the enemy: currently a winner of Atlanta Falcon, Mercedes-Mercedes-Benz super giant Egg, challenge the New Orleans Saint Sagad of the Board of Link. The two sides have passed the six games, and the Saints team four wins and two have an advantage; among them, the Saints have killed the Falcons in the season.

The Falcon team was forced to give up the kick in the first half of the competition. Three gears 2 yards, the Saint Corner Wikken – Ken Crawley is made by Defensive Pass Interference, the Falcon promotes 25 yards. Matt-Lanni found Justin Hardy, Taylor Gabriel and the close-end Sweet Jacques – Tamme (Jacob Tamme) won the number of large numbers. Matt Ryan throws Justine before the distribution of Justine – Hadi promotes 4 yards, the Falcon 28:14 leads. The Saint team has 28 seconds in the first half, Briser found near-end Cycles – Fritna pushed 32 yards, playing the ball Wil Lutz 57 yard freeesty. The two sides took a score of 28:17 into the second half.

Saint team, quadruple Gudru-Bris 54-shot 36, 376 yards, 3 reachaes 1 copy. Run Marke – England 15mark, 77 yards, 4 times, ball push 30 yards, 1 ball reachable. Brandon Coleman passed the ball and won the 78 yard. The proximal edue – Frino seven times, 109 yards, 1 to 1 to the array. Michael Thomas balls 7 times, 71 yards, 1 Deta.Falcon, quartz-Ryan 30 passed 20, 240 yards, 2 reached 0 copies. Run Devon Tower – Fremman 14 times, 152 yards, 5 times, the ball promoted 55 yards, 1 ball reached. Run DVC – Coleman 12 times, 42 yards, 3 rushing ball reachable, 3 times, the ball is pushed into 47 yards. Hurio Jones seven times as the pass target only once, 16 yards. Mohammad-Sanu shot 3 times, 31 yards.

At the beginning of the game, the Saint team first started attack. Run Guardians Dree Brees, Briser found external handfield-Corman (Brandon Coleman) pushed 28 yards. The Saint team fake trotory, Bris passed to the close-end Push-Frina pushed two yards, reached the point. The Saint team changed the multi-ended offensive formation made the French team unable to fight, the Saint team is first 7: 0. The French team off-attack group had to go out after the ball, but the Saint team returned to the Germany – Harris (de & # 39; vante harris) dropped the ball, the Huagu team indirectly advanced 43 yards. The Falcon Square is a TEVIN COLEMAN, and the team is helped the team 7: 7. The Saint team rapidly started three times after the loss. The Falcon has been promoted to the Saint Squad and half a game, four files 1 yards, four points to Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) pretend to hand over the ball to the whole, turn the ball to the semi-半 特文 – Coleman , Successfully converted four files. At the end of the first quarter, Easy Battle, Matt Ryan Short Passover Guard Vonta – DEVONTA FreeMan Promoted 13 yards score, Falcon 14: 7 anti-ratios.

In fact, Fafer was asked in an interview if your jersey lost, what would you think of this incident, Fair pointed out that due to the celebration of the team in the dressing room, you won’t remember Where do you put them?

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