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But Tiger still has sufficient staff reserves in this location, they have Geno Atkins, Domata Peko, Pat Sims and Brandon Thompson (Brandon Thompson). But the injury of Bulis makes his growth schedule later than expectations, which allows the tiger to seek to increase the old players as insurance.

The game of Rak encounters the kidney tearing injury in the season is the best match for his last season: his 36 passes completed 21 times to get 252 yards, 2 times, no pass, there is no pass, except When the best defensive in the Alliance, I also got 34 yards to help the team defeated Denver Musab.

Wayne Gallman is expected to bear the main mushroom task. Gairman was 10 times on week, and the 34 yards were promoted. Alfred Morris is expected to be promoted to a large list to supplement the depth of lineup.

“In addition to injuries, I behave is not very good & mdash; & mdash; before injury,” said. “I have to become better. When I participated in the last few games last season, I felt better, progress towards the correct direction.”

Giant runs to Wend Vonta – Fremman will not play this weekUS time Saturday, the giant will run the Devonta Freeman in the injury report to determine the absence. Fritman will miss the night match against the Pirates on Monday due to ankle injury.

Injury report: Hurio-Jones is absent Cheap Jerseys From China the trainingAtlantian Fematch Chief Ellago, Julio Jones, due to the hip injury, has been lacking this Wednesday and Thursday training. According to Jones, it will continue to absent this Friday, but this does not hinder his death battle in the playoffs of this Sunday.

Previously, Stafford was checked out of the back bone crack, and his 136 continuous starting records were also abrupt. On Wednesday, he was absent from the training, so he might absent from the third game. It is reported that he may be about 6 weeks due to back injury.

This Sunday will have the opponent Carolina Black Panther in the same area, this game will decide who can break from the National Liannan District. As the top of the league, Hurio Jones will become an important factor in determining the trend of the game. Falcon Coach Mike Smith said that he believes that Jones’s level of players did not participate in training and did not hinder the play. It was proved last week.

But Stafford still wants to return. “I know my efforts every season, I want to get a chance to play with these people as much as possible,” he said. “This is really my idea. If my health is enough to let me play, I will play.”

2. Cincinnati, the arm, the AJ-Green (AJGREEN) arm injury has been restored, and the restriction training is conducted on Thursday. This week will be very promising to play and Pittsburgh steel people. .

In the team, the team is only 3 wins and 6 losses 1 flat and the playoffs hopes to have almost shattered, whether the lion should directly let Stafford absent season surplus competition, let him completely recover.

Different Falcon Main Run Virtipen Jackson (Steven Jackson) Since the four muscle injuries are also absent from the training on Thursday, replacement of the DEVONTA FREEMAN will increase the time in Sunday’s game To share the Jackson’s offensive task.

“Because this is my job,” Stafford is asked why it should be represented in this season. “I understand your problem, but this is what I love. I love to play. I am grateful to this dressing room and all the hard work of this team, they work hard to win on Sunday, I love and They do this together. “

Perhaps we are difficult to understand for us to wear equipment, but Stafford’s attitude will undoubtedly be welcomed by the Lion Clothes Room. Team leaders should want to play with their teammates as much as possible.

This season Stafford made a performance of your best level. The offensive group he led seems to score at any time. He passed the 2499 yards in 8 games in 8 games. 5 passed, the average passed the highest 8.6 yards per pass, 41 passed more than 20 yards, ranking The alliance first. Although he is absent 2 games, he is still one of the three-point guards of only 3 of the three games in this season.

Even if the lion offensive group exerts excellent, bad defensive groups will still make them difficult to achieve good results. In view of the obvious performance of Stafford last Sype Ford, it may make him more time to completely rehabilitate the correct choice.

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