Nine Steps To Election Audit Of Your Dreams

As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier, Georgia lawmakers are heading to Arizona next week to tour the Veterans Memorial Coliseum and replicate the Arizona Audit in GA! Fann, a Republican who represents Prescott, Arizona, responded to Karlan in a letter asserting that the ballots are secure and that the Arizona Senate indefinitely has deferred plans to contact voters directly. We give a huge thank you to the amazing patriots who donate their efforts to the cause. Who will win the Senate race in North Carolina? Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who has been pushing for Nyuntam Aay Yojana (NYAY) – a proposed minimum income guarantee scheme – promised people in poll bound Kerala that the scheme will be “tested” in the southern state if the party-led UDF is voted to power. However, poll watchers are not allowed to see how an individual votes. If we were talking one in a thousand or one in ten thousand, I’d go ‘eh, probably more likely a human count would mess that up vs a machine count.’ But about 55,393 people’s votes were wrong.

Lah: But you’re talking about trying to disprove conspiracies. Lah: Because you’re questioning democracy. Lah: Which is the backbone of democracy. “The Department of Homeland Security has many missions across the national security spectrum, but one of the most important is securing our electoral process, and we take this responsibility seriously because we recognize that protecting and securing elections is fundamental to maintaining a functioning democracy. Fann: That’s right, which means we should have full, 100% confidence in our democracy and in our Election Audit system. “Are you 100% confident,” asked Fann, “That every vote that came in, in Arizona or any other state, can you say emphatically 100% that no dead people voted, that ballots weren’t filled out by other people, that the chain of custody from the minute people voted – their ballots – that the chain of custody was accurate and on target the entire time? You can also register and update your registration on our Register to Vote page.

Long-term planning for clean energy and efficiency can help avoid regulatory costs. Can you tell me that? In a country where 155 million people voted in the last presidential election, no one anywhere can be “100% confident” that every single vote was on the level. Can I Read AP OneWire Articles? With Fann at the helm, the Senate has turned over 2 million ballots and hundreds of machines to a private firm, Cyber Ninjas, to conduct an audit of the presidential Election Audit results. The audit will be investigating how and why four Republican candidates for the Rockingham District 7 race were shorted hundreds of votes by AccuVote optical scanning voting machines after a hand recount of ballots. In the race for State Rep, in 5th place out of 4 seats, Kristi St. Laurent was only 24 votes behind the 4th-place candidate Julius Soti. CITY OF RACINE – President Trump has made several claims that Dominion Voting Systems are easy to hack and had software glitches that flipped votes from him in the election.

On Wednesday, former Special Assistant to President Trump Boris Epshteyn told The War Room audience, “The freight train of audits is traveling across the country! Rumble – Christina Bobb, OAN’s political correspondent, gives us The Real Story on the Maricopa Country election audit. Christina Bobb then reported on OAN that they passed 1.3 MILLION counted. On its website, Audit the Vote PA also claims that only 1.8 million mail-in ballots were sent out ahead of the November election but that more than 2.5 million were sent back. Creating laws in all states that let people vote before or after work would be more effective than a national holiday, which would quickly be viewed as just another day off to enjoy. Last month, the AZ audit grabbed national attention when the Department of Justice intervened, sending a letter to the president of the Arizona state Senate suggesting the recount is illegal. ” the former president said. ” . . .

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