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Award quiz: Come and participate in our prize quiz, download NFL football app, please forward this article to a circle of friends (not forwarded or forwarded 9 o’clock on November 18), the winning is not forwarded. Weird, ruthless. In this article in this article in the NFL Rugby APP, leave your answer below: How much is the ratio of both parties? For example: bear 20-10 ram, we draw 1 answer to the lucky fans, send a genuine duckling cap!

The Hawks will make the guests of the Green Bay packaging work in the Sunday night, which makes them possible to start this season. “If we win the Sunday night competition, people will not talk about Qifensler’s things,” said the inner special talk to Qifusler’s situation. “But in the end, we all want to come back. We all understand what he stroned. We all hope that he gets the right treatment. He is one of the best security guards in the alliance, so I think we miss him. We miss him. Love. He is our brother. “

Collins’s broker has told all the team if he was selected after three rounds, he would refuse to sign a contract with his team, and he will apply for a renewal of next year. However, the NFL rule does not allow such situations based on the report of Ian Rapople, IAN RAPOPORT. The team is not willing to pick Collins before I know more. The extensive opinions in the alliance are relatively simple: until the end of the survey is patient.

Michael Bente: Hawks want moneyThe lack of Kam Chancellor is obvious in the game of 31-34, which is 31-34, the Holy Shenglis ram, 31-34, is obvious to Dion Bayy, defeated by opponents. Get the lyrics of the total score.

Although Davis is a veritable closing corner guard & mdash; & mdash; in the past two seasons in the past two seasons, he did not make the opponent’s influence due to injury in the past two seasons. . Bill is expected to return to the state before the injury, but it is not easy for a player who is approaching 30 years old.

The situation in Collins is unprecedented, and part of the reason is before the draft, and some are the talent on the field. His performance in NFL template is the Pittsburgh steelman center Malgi-Poncy Pouncey, he presents strength and control on the body, which makes him seek many new show before the draft. The team is a popular candidate.

7 wins and 7 losses of Washington red skin, quietly climbed the top of the country. When the giants were born by the Olympic annual curse, the red skin won two consecutive victories and got the priority of the wandering from the country. After completely replacing RG3, “cousin” Kirk Cousins ​​played a relatively good season, in the last week of the main scene of the game, Cousins ​​took all the team all of the team. Array: Not only 319 yards and 4 reaches, but also to take the next time to take the next time, with the most perfect single performance this year, the red skin is about to compete for the National East champion. In the days of Det Shan Jackson, Jordan Reed became the most reliable red area weapon of Hongki, as of now the number of ball code of Ridders, the number of balls reached Up to yourself in the whole team. After Destan Jackson injured, this has brought many classic performances with a weird external connector, Wholesale Jerseys such as self-performance at the last moment of cowboy. But Jackson’s most terrible is that he is a deep threat, if the red skin wants to take a victory in Philadelphia, then he must try to help the team.

When Whitker has a lot of adjustment in the offensive group in this year, their second-line has excellent configuration. In addition to the guards of Davis-White combination, they also have Mika-Hide (MICAH). HYDE) and the combination of Jordan Poyer.

Draw! [Pre-match] Eleventh Weekday Tournament: Los Angeles Roewear VS Chicago BearThe best two teams, Chicago bear and Los Angeles ram last season, are difficult to satisfy this season. The bear is currently 4 wins and 5 losses, ranking third in the northern part of the United States, and the ram is 5 wins and 4 losses, ranking third in the country. In the past two two teams, the bear won 6 games, and 6 in these seven games fell. Is the ram won in this Sunday night match? This game is critical to the two teams still have a certain season.

“We want to read Cammit, not only his way of playing, but also his way to treat competitions, his leadership,” Bente said to ESPN. “Even if Kam is not present, we have many opportunities to win the game. I doubt if we win the game, if people talk about? People will say, & lsquo;, they don’t need a hurdle M – Qifusler & Rsquo; If this is the case, people only care about victory and losing. “

The rookie attack cuts, Collins, no longer participate in the draft.It was considered that the first round of the first round of the first Routena State University attacked Diagonal-Collins (La & # 39; El Collins) did not be pasted in this year’s draft.

6 wins and 8-longned Philadelphia eagle last week last week to the powerful Arizona. Although the record is slightly behind red skin, as long as the victory in the remaining two games, then they still have the possibility of the owner’s name. Therefore, this home court will become critical. The two teams have last met this season, “Dasha” Sam Braford (Sam Bradford) played the best performance in the season, 270 yards and 3 passes to the ball, this season “Da Sam” is not copied. There are not many games, but I believe this time, he can bring more surprises. The key to the Eagle offense is largely dependent on the three running guards. Demarco Murray, Ryan Mathews, Darren Sproles (Darren Sproles) The three people’s play is crucial. Although the young eagle defensive group often has a bright play this year, if you want to advance the playoff farther, in the next game, they must remain stable, otherwise they will wait for them.

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