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Rogers finally completed 31 passes in the event of 31 passes last season, but the success rate of the twice MVP was 60.7% to create a new career, passing the ball. The score has dropped close to 20 points, and his score is up to 112.2 season.

The non-solution of Poland is showing a lot of misunderstandings for today’s alliance. On the surface, NFL players always linked with the image of love, and since the concept of millions of dollars, it has already existed for a long time.

The career only acquired the 11th killing of Raji as a big major found to be a proceedry, and he has never been more than 65% of the preparation for packaging workers since 2012. But he is still a player who is popular with fans and will be kept in mind because of his excellent performance on the field.

In fact, the injury of the outer hand is also the main reason for the decline in Rogers. He can’t save the entire offensive group, the packaging work last season scores the 15th place, the total number of code is 23, the pass number is only 25 Bit.

The crow takes over Makis – Brown will change the number to No. 5

The US time, the official announced that the crow is announced that the external hand Mark Brown will change his number from the 5th.

As the first round show in 2019, Brown completed 58 battles last season, pushing 769 yards, up to 8 times, is the unquestionable leader in the team inside and outside. In the 2021 season, Brown will continue to fight as one of the main weapons of Lamar Jackson.

Brown will be from Joe Flacco, the first crow player in the No. 5. Fraco has led the crow to win the forty-seventh super bowl, and the super bowl MVP. After 11 seasons for crows, Vlaco was traded by a crow to the wild horse. This year’s sniper, Vlaco and the eagle will be responsible for guiding Jalen Hurts.

Raji, who is 30 years old in July this year, rebounded last season, starting 15 games, before hereled the entire 2014 season because of the biceps. In recent years, Raji, a series of contracts next year, has never returned to his strong performance in 2010 due to saturation troubles. After the packaging workers continue to defend the truth, Letroy Guion, he also became a problem in the future of the team.

But when he talks to those who curiously decided, the health is not the main topic of the dialogue. “This is the biggest accident for me,” Poland recently said when he participated in a charity golf course. “People can’t think of money.” He continued: “That is all things they think. But your health is more important.”

Raji issued a statement on Monday that he would take it to the game. “I will stay for NFL and will not play in the 2016 season,” Raji said. “This decision is to discuss with family and tutor hours and since the province for a long time. I am very confident that this decision. I won’t rule out the possibility of future return to NFL, but I will definitely not play the 2016 season.”

2 days ago, the 3-year best defensive player came out of the throttle to try to kill Robo’s videos congratulatory Romo’s great career. After that, Romo replied some of the 28-year-old players. “When you are approaching me, I can hear your breathing, this need to progress, including more light steps, you will be the best existence on the field. “

The 34-year-old Miller career completed 146 balls to get 1631 yards 15 times. He was selected by Jacksonville American Tiger in 2009, joining Tampawan pirate in the 2013 holiday season. In the end, Wholesale Jerseys he was signed by the bear in December.

In the eighth week of the 2017 season, the third section of the New Orleans Saint Competition, Miller suffered the serious injury of the knee dislocation. He immediately sent to the hospital to receive emergency surgery in the hospital after injury. Miller lived in the hospital for 23 days to go home.

Romo gives Watt Killing quarter-off suggestions

With Tony Romo, Tony Romo selection, Romo and Houston Dezhou defensive player JJ Watt (J.Watt) are not the relationship between competitors. So Romo finally felt safely to some suggestions.

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