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In March this year, Badler has said his contractual question: “The contract will always need to discuss one day, we can’t avoid it, I just continue, do myself, keep the state, I hope that all this happens, but I can’t Control it all. “

Marshall is obviously Manning, but it is increasingly less than people who don’t have differences in Manning and previous season. Manning strives to prove that his doubizie is wrong, one of the most worthy of attention this year.

Bradford’s six-year rookie contract, worth $ 78 million. Although the performance is far from expectations, but his ability to still get the Eagles recognition. In the near completion of a huge contract premise for Bradford, a conservative posture to accept a long-term, safe and cheap contract does not meet his expectations. Therefore, Bradford decided to meet the challenge, with the performance to prove himself worthy of a new contract.

Bradford will consider the issue next contract after the end of the seasonPhiladelphia Eagles in a more adventurous way to get quarterback Sam – Bradford (Sam Bradford). Bradford has entered the final year of the contract, the Eagles will pay his salary worth of 12.98 million US dollars. According to the official Wholesale nfl jerseys Network correspondent reported that Bradford has decided to fulfill the final year before the completion of the contract, we will not accept renewal and restructuring.

However, in the first battle in the season, Manning encountered the incidence of physical conditions encountered in the race of Indianapolis horses in January this year. The crow is firmly focused on the short-distance transmission area, daring 39 years old Manning to choose long biography.

“We all think this is awkward … because Pedton, his ability still exists,” Marshall said. “You know, he has the ability. I think the offensive group has achieved excellent performance just time problem, because this is a new offensive system. Now is the beginning of the season … just with the attack front line and the tacit problem of picking hands, Everyone has to cooperate with tacit approaches. I certainly believe that the offensive group will express the rebound. I don’t worry about anything. “

The second quarter of the competition is 8 minutes and 34 seconds. The patriot 13-7 leads the wild horse, the defensive group puts the wild horse’s offensive defense to 400 yards, and the wild horse can only abandon it in this half. After the wild horse abandoned COLQUITT, he did not take the ball. After the ball, he hurriedly picked up the ball in the 19-yard line. He can’t play a lot of kick out. It is this half-second small episode to the patriot specialist group. Time to deploy an attack open cover. Julian EDELMAN received a kick from the 16 yards of his own half, he first slammed the ball from the left code line, flashing the wild horse high-quality gunner, pushed to the right side, facing the wild horse in the bag Other players of the team, he went to drive the left side, after the wild horses were 30 yards, no one was blocked, and a slash sprint to the end area to succeed. On the one hand, this promotion shows the excellent vision and horizontal mobile capabilities of EDELMAN, and on the other hand, it is also a classic demonstration of the special team attack.

Return specialist Devin Hester attack in 2014, the first week of the race, won his first career 20 return touchdowns, officially over previously held by Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders 19 th record, becoming the NFL history The greatest attack hand.

The 31-year-old Mall is excellent in this season, and the 71st ball promotes 931 yards, ranked eight and seventh in the League. And his 9 ball reached the ranks of the column of the League, apparent that his future of the jet is very guaranteed.

When he was particularly asked if he saw Manning arm’s power declined, Marshal denied this: “No, I didn’t. I have been in the team since 2013, his arm’s power is looking for me, I I have not seen the difference. “

Recently, the jet of this jet said: “After coming to the jet, I want to end your career here. I am not ready to play for another team, staying in 4 teams, I want, and then I have to know new friends to build a new relationship is too tired, I don’t like it, so I am going to stay here. “

The reporter translates: “Butler once told teammates and relatives, and he plans to adjust his contract before the start of the 2016 season, may not participate in voluntary training camps, may also publish the expression for the current contractual terms. For a few weeks ago, Bart Lee and teammates play basketball in the nearby high school, so he doesn’t have anything else, but I have not responded to any phone or email so far. “

For Bradford, it was a gamble, he will stack pressure on his body. If he is to stay healthy and perform well, he will have the opportunity to win large contracts again. Bradford over the past two seasons because of season-ending knee injury, after joining the Eagles, he hopes to recover as quickly as possible to complete a full season, and with the starting identity lead the team forward. According to reports, the team has him as the new season starting quarterback.

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