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New aid defensive end Wolf: Crow protection guard cable can be the best in the allianceAfter being defeated by Tennesi Titan, who was taken to Derrick Henry in the last season, Baltimore Crow focused on the defenders in this year’s snapsomes.

According to recent reports about Romo, we can know that Romo is disappointed with the current Dallas’ performance, and retiring may be the best choice. If not, then it seems that Houston Texas will be his nice choice, if he insists on staying in Texas.

This transaction is also the second transaction completed by the two teams this year. The prior to Brown will defensive Danny Shelton to deal to the patriot, in exchange for the other party’s third round of draft.

Jason Garrett, obviously disagree with this statement: “I don’t think so. I didn’t think that his state declined, or it could not complete our request. He completed some excellent competitions, naturally there will be Some games have improved space. “Current McCaden has completed 213 times, if he can continue such performance, he will be expected to create a new number of career single season when he ends.

Last season, 14 wins and 2-losing crow are allowed to advance 93.4 yards (the fifth less of the league), and the average of 4.4 yards per shock. But their play in the last game is also the worst season, let Titan scorpion push 217 yards.

According to the report of the Denver Mail, the wild horse playing the Matt Prater will be punished by the alliance in the ban on the alliance. In fact, since Prat was drunk after driving in 2011, he has been subject to the focus of the Alliance Alcohol Education Department.

Currently, the choice of cowboy is not rich in the position of the running guard. In addition to Mac Fa, the team only is Robert Turbin and Rod Smith. There are also rumors in the near future that denim is considering the Demarco Murray again after the end of the season.

In Brown, the new management is re-creating offensive groups and defensive groups. After the transaction got a packaging worker, Damarious Randall, Brown also signed the free player T. J. Kelly (T. J. Carrie) and Tenz Mitchell. In the case of Briean Boddy-Calhoun, Briean Boddy-Calhoun and Jamar Taylor, Brown chooses to give up McCodi.

Pratt has been affected by the ban on the wild horses. His hit rate reached 96.2%, which is the leader in the alliance, and he kicked a 64-yard free kick when he was in December last year. It is a record.

Galt: McFaden did not hit the wallThe Dallas Cowboy is also struggling with Tony Romo. The team’s first running satellite – Darren McFadden in the team in the past 4 games, there are 3 flocks in the 55 yards. Although 129 yards are promoted in the game with Miami dolphins, the outside world is still inevitably questioned whether the old will “hit the wall”.

The crow has been selected by the deal to get the best lineup, Calais Campbell, Hematop, Matthew, Matthew Judon, used privileged player labels. After failing to sign Michael Brockers, the crow signed the defensive end Drake – DEREK WOLFE.

“I am wrong,” Prat said, “I will take all responsibility for my behavior, I will learn lessons, then do a better self. I have to give my teammates, coaches, all The fans apologize. “Pratt’s lawyer also said that no one is more frustrated by Pratt, which is very frustrated by him.

Modern cheap nfl jerseys from China‘s most dominated punch defense is also created by the crow. In the 2000 season, a total of 970 yards were made to the ball, that is, the fields made the opponent punch to advance 60.6 yards, and the average of 2.7 yards per shock. The ultimate crow gets a championship in the season.

“Of course we can become the best defensive front line of the Alliance,” Wolf said. “We can break the record, break the opponent’s record (least) code record. These are the goals I want to order. Sometimes you can’t reach the goal, but you can approach them. This will help you win.”

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