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Salunam said: “We are likely (transaction Gude Temperature), yes. Valuable players will not be lost by it. We will first let him come back to compete, if the effect is not satisfactory, we still have possible trading. He. Many possibilities are still there, I have no exact answer now. “

In the game lost to the chief, Braddy’s offensive group was too long to enter. They only completed 3 conversions in 9 three-end attacks, and there were 2 mistakes to hand over the ball (both Braddy passed a copy).

In the National Union, Green Bay Packaging Workers Quartz, Aaron Rodgers, became the best offensive player. Rogers passed the 246 yards 3 times to help the package 38-10 overcome the Seattle Hawks. This is the third consecutive victory in the packaging workers, and 7 wins and 6 losses they continue to have the hope of entering the playoffs.

For Lawson, he can understand that he can understand the opponent in this game, and his mentality is obviously normal, but for the current and packats only a gap between a gap. It is now expected that Rogers’s injury is the chance of the team to grasp, especially on the 9th week, they will face the challenges of packages.

Detroit Lion Corner does not care about Rogers injuryGreen Bay Packaging Workers Quarter Wei Alon Rogers is a big news for the team’s team in the country of the country, but it seems to be the same as the Detroit Lions Horn in the same district. Nevin Lawson is not concerned.

Recently, Pleste was invited to participate in the concert of Kanye West, but he finally refused, this is very surprised, and the reply given by Prabode is: “I still want to think Go, but consider, I want to sleep at that time. “

New York Giants abandoned the Brad Wing became the Best Technical Group Player of the National United Know. He completed 9 abandoned kicks in the game, and the average abandoned kicks 42.9 yards. He has 5 times to let the cowboy start from the 20 yards of this party. This helps the giant ultimately only gets 7 points.

49 people who came to Kyle Salunhan (Kyle Shanahan) said: “We won’t cut off Mather, he is a very valuable player. I know that he didn’t hit the rotation last year, and then hurt again. I hope to be added to the injury reserve list. I haven’t seen him. He is a person who can play the ball in the league. If he will compete with others, if not here, I am also faithful There will be other teams want him. “

“Aliis has been very high and the level is very high, and it is very knowledgeable, and it is also very controlled: such as Peiton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, etc. He. It is very acceptable to Brady. I know people trying to shape this situation into Alius and Braddy, but Alius said that these words I said did not criticize Brradi. Alios Tell me, & lsquo; he has become more comfortable every week. We are approaching success. & Rsquo; he seems to fully support Tom Braddy. “

Currently Fitzgerald’s career catch yardage ranked third in NFL history. He said that at present he has been the driving force is to return to the game and try to win the Super Bowl championship. This is his number one goal.

Atlanta Falcon’s Vic Beasley became the best defensive player in China. Bisley caused a huge trouble to the Los Angeles ram on the game, he obtained 3 killing, completed 1 time forcing the ball and returned to the array. Falcon finally defeated the ram.

At present, Ples Tott has not been copied, and he is divided into Tom Brady’s new show that the record of the copy is 7 times, and he has completed 1239 code transmission so far. Ball, pass the success rate of up to 69%, as well as 4 reached.

Fitzgerald participated in a Super Bowl, it was 2009, the 43rd Super Bowl, the last he entered the National League Championship Series in 2016. He is about to enter his 14th cheap nfl jerseys from china season, he had the ball a few yards two seasons in a row over a thousand. Last season the league 33 years old, he ranked first with 107 catches.

Pittsburgh Steelman Run Guidian – Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) became the best offensive player of Mei Week. Bell won the 236-yard of the creation of the creation of the creation of the creation of the creation of the creation of the creation of the creation of the creation of the creation of the creation of the creation of the creation. He also completed 4 codes to get 62 yards, considering that the performance of Buffalo’s local snowfast is more amazing.

The fourteenth week, the best players of the United States of America, the best players announcedThere are many excellent performance in the fourteenth week competition, but an old man’s running guard and Green Bay packaging in Pittsburgh is especially impressive, leading their respective teams in the impact of the playoffs. The key victory is obtained during the process.

Although Braddy has recently poor state, the 28 passed reaches of this season are new high in the first 12 games in the season since 2016. The only difference was that he was only 2 passes in the first 12 games.

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