Best Kale Salad Recipe

This is the very BEST kale salad dressing recipe ever. I know that is a big claim, but I’ve been told it so many times and by so many people that it must be true. The honey helps balance kale’s bitter flavor and the two types of vinegar create an irresistible flavor. Add kale and radishes to bowl with dressing; toss to coat. Taste salad and season with more salt and pepper.

Even if you don’t think you like kale, try it with this dressing. Pulse garlic, oil, capers, honey, and remaining pecans in a food processor until nuts are in small pieces. Transfer to a large bowl and stir in vinegar; season dressing with salt and pepper. Here a pungent garlicky dressing is infused into kale by massaging the greens and the dressing together with your hands. Any type of kale will work in this kale salad recipe, just remember to remove the tough stems before you start.

Onions, persimmon, and even anchovy can add dimension to salads in a way that’s subtle yet powerful. Start with a base of simplevinaigrettedressing and go from there. This is my favorite easy kale salad! It’s brimming with freshness and has a vibrant, sweet and tangy vinaigrette dressing that perfectly highlights it. I love kale salads and people seem to ask me about the recipes so now I can forward them this post and give them options!

Roasted goldenbeetsadd a beautiful, mellow sweetness to earthy kale leaves. The salad is finished with walnuts, raisins, garlic, and lemon; all tossed in a creamy tahini dressing. All together it is a deliciously festive salad, and would make a lovely accompaniment for any meal. What this will do, is tenderize the kale leaves and turn them into velvety and smooth salad leaves infused with olive oil.

Many kale recipes call for massaging kale leaves, but with this recipe you don’t have to. The greens become tender all on their own with a little time. This approach also makes this salad a great make-ahead salad for parties or potlucks. This easy kale salad comes together with dried cranberries, pine nuts, Parmesan, and a balsamic vinaigrette. No need to massage this make-ahead salad—the kale becomes tender as it rests before serving.

Dress it up with protein-rich slivered almonds or cashew halves for a crunchy treat. Decadentfresh figsare the star of this kale salad that you’ll be proud to serve at your dinner parties, holiday meals, and picnics alike. This one is sure to impress your friends and family. In a mixing bowl whisk together olive oil, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, dijon mustard and season with salt and pepper to taste. Let rest in fridge while preparing remaining salad ingredients.

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