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A common query in radio stations advertising world is what amount radio advertising costs. Well, it may range anywhere from the local few dollars to a lot of as several thousand dollars, it’s all going to depend on some factors and I’m about to demonstrate what you’re to hurricane for. Second, what percentage of your prospects will the advertising actually reach? Radio ads considerably harder to a target than additional forms of advertising basically can be found only by demographics with regard to age.

Utilized pick a station that scores well with people age 18-35, but what percentage of these 18 to 35-year olds are exceedingly prospects for all your products or services? 7) WARRANT A RERUN: Radio stations are notorious for re-running programming. Preferred segments are sometimes re-run 2 or 3 times your past same day time! If you have a compelling and entertaining segment, you might get double or triple your original being exposed. Plus, radio hosts get vacation the time.

If you are a “best of segment” you could be get re-run over Thanksgiving or Christmas, or some random week in August.

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