Alan Jones's next move is revealed as digital venture

Alan Jones may be currently off-air but it seems he’s not done with yet, as the legendary commentator plans to launch a new ‘direct-to-the-people’ website.

Visitors to the site find a subscription page inviting them to ‘Sign up to find out where Alan goes next.’ 

Fans of Jones’s brand of political commentary have wondered what his next move would be, with the 80-year-old believed to have been offered other broadcast and digital roles. 

The veteran broadcaster has been restricted to posts and live-streaming to his 165,000 followers on since he departed earlier this month, sensationally claiming the News Corp subscription television channel had been ‘cancelling’ his conservative views. 

Fans of Jones’s brand of political commentary have wondered what his next move would be, with the 80-year-old believed to have been offered other radio, TV and digital channel roles 

Alan Jones has directed his fans to subscribe at a new website,, where he promises they will hear first about his next move after his departure from Sky News

Rita Panahi (left) has struggled to find the kind of ratings that Jones (right) effortlessly drew to Sky News as his replacement

Jake Thrupp, a friend and Jones leave his Macquarie Street home to head out for dinner after he left Sky News in early November

The announcement of the new site followed revelations nightly ratings for Alan Jones’ former television timeslot on  have fallen off a cliff since his departure. 

One week after Jones’s departure, just 36,000 viewers tuned into Sky News’ 8pm time judi Slot Online jackpot Terbesar for Inside the News with Rita Panahi – barely a third of the 95,000 viewers Jones attracted at the same time a week before.

One fan wrote on his post announcing his new site:  ‘I miss you Alan and so does my family, just miss to hear the latest and all you know …Rita is great, but just NOT YOU ALAN.’

‘Alan will now have the freedom to report the truth, without Sky News limitations,’ commented another. 

‘Our Country needs you more than ever at the moment. Looking forward to seeing where you pop up next,’ wrote another. 

Jones left Sky News after rejecting a once-a-week role on News Corp’s new streaming service Flash. 

Subscribers to his new WordPress site are promised they will be first to find out if Jones rejoins Australia’s news landscape in a regular news commentary role. 

He continues to produce his fiery brand of comment, the latest an attack on the Morrison government for ‘lecturing’ rather than listening in the wake of unfavourable polls.

‘The Liberal Party is in trouble; its biggest problem is, there seems to be no-one prepared to confront Morrison and tell him why he’s in trouble,’ Jones wrote yesterday.  

Broadcasting legend Alan Jones was at his fiery best the day after laving Sky News on a Facebook live stream (pictured above) that drew nearly 56,000 viewers 

Jones signed off from Sky News on November 4 after 17 months with the conservative news network – claiming through his Facebook account he was ‘cancelled’

Jones had hosted an 8pm Sky News show four nights a week on the News Corp-owned channel since July 2020 after leaving Radio 2GB.  

He signed off recently saying: ‘I ain’t going away.Stay with me and I’ll still be with you.’ 

Sky News CEO Paul Whittaker and head of programs Mark Calvert had told Jones in a meeting that they would not be renewing his show.  

Sky announced Jones had ‘regrettably’ decided not to accept his one day a week ‘new role’ and would host his final program that evening. 

The Daily Telegraph, which like Sky is owned by News Corp, sacked Jones as a weekly columnist in July after months of him downplaying the seriousness of Covid-19.

Jones had reportedly been told his columns no longer ‘resonated’ with readers.