Obsession With Beauty Royal Beauty Tips

You find it by checking out Skye’s room from the lobby.

Epic Games

The first of the two challenges for the week has players on the search for Deadpool’s pool floaty.

Epic Games

The second challenge is to visit red, yellow, green, blue and purple bridges. You can find these all across the island. 

Check the backyards of the houses to find them. 

Epic Games

Destroy dog houses 

Dog houses are scattered across the island, mainly in the suburban areas like Pleasant Park, Salty Springs and Holly Hedges.

Epic Games

To complete this challenge, players will have to visit Camp Cod or Fort Crumpet. The first tier requires three gnomes, the second tier needs seven gnomes and the third tier will take 15 gnomes to complete it. You’ll also receive a little wood for your troubles. Gnomes will be scattered across the area, and all it takes is a quick pickax strike to destroy them. The gnomes are first come, first serve, so expect to fight off other players for them.

Archaeological revelations of the excavated tombs and mummies depict that ancient Egyptians prepared their bodies more for the life after death than the existing period. The legendry Cleopatra’s secrets of beauty for fair and impeccable complexion reveal that she took bath in milk and honey to cleanse her body as milk is a good moisturizer that softens the skin and regenerates fresh skin cells and honey acts as a bleaching agent.

It was believed that natural donkey milk soap de‘s milk served a great purpose in this beauty treatment and many famous beauties of ancient Egypt like Cleopatra, Nefertiti, and many others had herds of this breed to yield in their beauty rituals. New age beauty gurus have come up with numerous cosmetic products based on this formula. The aristocracy devoted much time in maintaining their appearance with a sole notion of pleasing the Gods of their time.

The pursuit of external godliness was beyond personal adornments. The ancient Egyptians are known for their sinful beauty, exotic perfumes, aromatic oils, weird styles and dramatic hairstyles.

This can be found in Brutus’ room on the desk. 

Epic Games

Week 6 has players first searching for Deadpool’s big black marker.

I spy a chimichanga.

And here’s Wade Wilson.

Indeed, archaeologists have been known to find the remains of bodies clutching make-up, beauty tools in graves and detailed beauty manuals from bygone times.

Where to find the Yacht, Shipwreck Cove and Flopper Pond.

Egyptian queen Nefertiti, meanwhile, loved to make her own cosmetics, including her own blend of eyeliner using lead-based kohl, and clay and crushed beetles as blusher.

‘Then the couple came here and we left them to it,’ says Slobodan’s colleague, Jovan Vukadinovic. ‘But I don’t think she was his wife, as she was about 20 years younger and he didn’t want any photographs.’

Check the left side of the room to find the milk carton.

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