England's Cook tips Lyth for big score, Pietersen unimpressed

“When you see what’s happening with GameStop, you ask yourself, is this manipulation, is this mass psychosis or is there something wrong in our market structure that is causing this to happen,” James Angel, a finance professor at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, told the New York Times.

Their posts are punctuated with phrases like “hold the line” and “diamond hands” (hold onto your stocks for a long time) and YOLO (you only live once). Its members, who the community identifies as “degenerates,” often encourage one another to push all their funds into one stock, riding it up and down. Rogozinski, the man who helped found the Reddit community, said their approach to investing as more like gambling than traditional analysis and strategy. One thing analysts watching wonder is whether the Reddit investors will lose their millions whenever the stock eventually crashes back to earth.

Adding the classic Open flavours of luck and unpredictability is the fact we are promised all sorts of weather over the next four days, from strengthening breezes at times to vicious showers and, yes, welcome stretches of sunshine thrown into the mix.

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Qobuz offers hi-res audio streams too and unlike Tidal you don’t need a specialized MQA decoder to listen to them. It may not offer Dolby Atmos music, but the current catalog of songs on other services isn’t that impressive anyway.  They can sound great on an Android phone or a high-end music system.

How on earth do you follow that sporting Sunday?

The unenviable task of taking up the slack in this breathless summer has fallen to the Open. Perhaps it’s as well, then, that the 148th edition just happens to be one of the most eagerly anticipated in all that time.

And the incidental scandal of cricket betting tips free aside, it is just possible that over the next couple of years this industry will emerge from its troubled past and boom again as it did in the early years of this centur But the leading online bookmakers and gambling services should not be tarred with this allegation.

But America poses far more of an opportunity. While certain parts of the US remain firmly opposed to gambling of any kind, let alone of the online variety, the expectation is that the nation’s libertarian tradition will triump

“We’re seeing a phenomenon that I have never seen,” Jim Cramer, a Wall Street commentator on CNBC and a former hedge fund manager, said during a segment as shares were first beginning to swing. And GameStop could be just the start.

In recent majors, the Americans have established a pattern of domination that is rapidly reaching the unprecedented stage since Europe became a force with the arrival of Seve Ballesteros in the late 1970s.

Now emboldened Reddit communities are talking about taking on other companies that Wall Street is broadly betting against. The Reddit crowd is already attempting to push up BlackBerry, the once-popular handset maker that now focuses primarily on selling business software. And Redditors are also targeting the struggling movie chain AMC, pushing its stock from hovering around $2 per share to more than $8 in after-hours trading. The next day, it fell even further, to $8.63 per share. 27, it closed at $19.90 per share before dropping to $12.75.

Portrush is typically a course where the long hitters might not deploy the driver more than two or three times, but the fairways are green this year rather than brown and the muscle men might be tempted to open their shoulders more than is the norm.

‘There will be more Opens at Portrush for many years to come,’ beamed the R&A’s chief executive Martin Slumbers. ‘I don’t think we’ve ever been to a venue before where so many people have stopped us and said, “Thanks for coming”.’ The first ball has not been struck but already the R&A are planning the sequel.

‘I told Brooks an attractive waitress asked about him. ‘I’ve played this place enough times to know where to miss… ‘If I play a lot, I won’t be out here much longer’: Candid… The Open 2019 betting tips and odds: Brooks Koepka has no…

Sportingbet has been tipped to merge with rival 888 or to become a target for Ladbrokes or William Hill. As ever, sensible investors should not put down money solely on the hope of such a deal, which may not be forthcoming, but the possibility does add a frisson of excitement to the already undervalued share

Since then it has turned rather sour.

The shares have dropped to just 1821/2p after a disappointing interim management statement in July. It already has partnerships with significant names such as PepsiCo that appear to be taking the potential of stevia seriousl The company’s prospects hinge on steviabased sweeteners taking off and on PureCircle securing a significant part of the market.

His latest incarnation is to launch himself as a Simon Cowell-like figure. ‘I am the new manager of a young band called The Electric Flowers and they are going to be massive,’ Opik tells me at the National Luxury Lifestyle Award

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