Celebrity birthdays for the week of July 9-15

my mother is a slut date either didn’t notice or didn’t mind the shabby setting (perhaps

Redmond has nothing better to offer its residents). But her deep

sensitivity became apparent at a certain point later in the evening when I

declined to remove my trenchcoat and fedora.

Tech giants promised new devotion to sustainability and blacked out portions of their websites in so-called “green out” digital strikes. 

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Global Climate Strike events worldwide Friday propelled students and adults to thousands of walkouts and rallies focused on climate change, and technology companies jumped on the bandwagon.

Alessandro Dal Bon, one of the student leaders of Friday’s march and rally in New York, said he was encouraged by tech companies moving towards renewable energy and recycling materials from old devices, but pointed out possibilities for more aggressive action to tackle carbon dioxide emissions.

Malheuresement, the battle against petit-President Nicolas Sarkozy’s restricted vision of the Internet is far from over: even if HADOPI est morte, LOPPSI is en route. The Loi d’Orientation et de Programmation pour la Performance de la Sécurité Intérieure clears the way for the government to use spyware and create a database of citizen’s online use — all in the name of that old suspiciously ticking chestnut, “anti-terrorism” — and it scares le merde out of us.

From what we know of Davis’s evangelical

fervor, it may be true that there wasn’t enough room for Fuller and him

in the same mayonnaise jar, even 3000 miles apart.

Singer Millie Jackson is 73. Actor Jan-Michael Vincent is 73. July 15: Actor Ken Kercheval (“Dallas”) is 82. Guitarist-singer Peter Lewis of Moby Grape is 72.

Singer Linda Ronstadt is 71. Drummer Artimus Pyle (Lynyrd Skynyrd) is 69. Actor Terry O’Quinn is 65. Guitarist Joe Satriani is 61. Actress Lolita Davidovich is 56. Singer-guitarist David Pack (Ambrosia) is 65. Actress Brigitte Nielsen is 54. Actor-director Forest Whitaker is 56.

Actress Shari Headley is 54. Actor Patrick Wayne is 78. Drummer Jason Bonham is 51. Actress Amanda Foreman (“Parenthood,” ”Felicity”) is 51. Singer Stokley of Mint Condition is 50. Drummer Marky Ramone (The Ramones) is 61. Actor Jim Rash (“Community”) is 46. Rapper Jim Jones is 41. Actress Lana Parrilla (“Once Upon a Time,” ”Swingtown”) is 40. Actress Laura Benanti is 38. Guitarist Ray Toro of My Chemical Romance is 40. Actor Taylor Kinney is 36. John (“The Young and the Restless”) is 51. Singer Kia Thornton of Divine is 36. Actor Tristan “Mack” Wilds (“90210”) is 28.

Actor Iain Armitage (“Big Little Lies”) is 9. Actor Scott Foley (“Scandal,” ”Felicity”) is 45.

Actor Brian Austin Green is 44. Actor-comedian Eddie Griffin (“Malcolm and Eddie”) is 49.

Actor Richard Roundtree is 75. TV personality-turned-musician John Tesh is 65. Country singer David Ball is 64. Actor Brian Dennehy is 79. Actor Jimmy Smits is 62.

Actor Tom Hanks is 61. Actress Kelly McGillis is 60. Singer Jim Kerr of Simple Minds is 58. Singer Debbie Sledge of Sister Sledge is 63. Bassist Frank Bello of Anthrax is 52. Singer Marc Almond of Soft Cell is 60. Actor Chris Cooper is 66. Musician Jack White is 42. Singer-guitarist Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse is 42. Actress Pamela Adlon (“Louie”) is 51.

Actor Scott Grimes (“ER,” ”Party of Five”) is 46. Singer Courtney Love is 53. July 9: Singer-actor Ed Ames of The Ames Brothers is 90.

Actor James Hampton (“F Troop”) is 81. Actor Fred Savage is 41. Actor Mitchel Musso (“Hannah Montana”) is 26. Actress Georgie Henley (“The Chronicles of Narnia”) is 22. Actor David O’Hara (“The District”) is 52. Singer-actress Kiely Williams of 3LW (“Cheetah Girls” films) is 31. Singer Dan Estrin of Hoobastank is 41. Actress Linda Park (“Star Trek: Enterprise”) is 39.

But the real me (which I like to hope remains the more dominant of the duo) knows that the flowers in my garden continue to bloom and my family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, pets, and smartphone are as healthy and loyal to me as ever. And yes, you can retweet that. I can’t deny that it feels good to be Liked, but it feels even better to be liked. My Facebook Likes may never reach their former level, and the digital me still feels a bit bummed about that.

Increasingly converging, our digital and non-digital selves dance a strange tango.

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